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Monday - Friday

Upper Grade Seminars

This is a list of common seminars offered. The actual list of seminars offered depends on student interest and teacher availability.

Advanced Band

This time is set-aside for those students who wish to participate in the Advanced Band Program. This time would be used for the group band lesson. Advanced Band will meet on Fridays through out the year.

Advanced Handbells

Students will have the opportunity to further their ensemble playing in handbells. They will perform at various activities throughout the school year. This group of students must commit to rehearse twice a week for all four quarters of the school year.


Students learn the use of keyframes to create character animation using a free program, Minemator.

Art Club

Students who enjoy art will have the opportunity to participate in this unique seminar, which will help to develop this skill. Several types of art will be explored. All types of medium will be used as you continue to develop your artistic abilities. Seminar will meet in the Art Room.

Board Games

Do you like board games? What’s your favorite? Monopoly, Risk, Life…? In this seminar you will get the opportunity to play your favorite and maybe some you have never played before. In the first meeting we will decide which game to play. Students may be asked to bring their own board games from home.


Do you like to try new challenges and solve problems? The brainteasers seminar might be right for you. Each week students will be given a new challenge to solve. Sometimes these challenges may revolve around a certain subject matter (math, science, religion), but usually they will be general puzzles meant to exercise the brain. Items not solved during seminar time may turn into family challenges that can be solved together during the week.

Building Club

This seminar is for those who may be interested in engineering or just like to build with a variety of materials. Some of the activities include building a structure to perform a given task, instructing a partner to build an exact replica of a structure that they cannot see, building the tallest/strongest structure, etc.

Chess Club

This option is designed for students of all levels of ability, from the grand master to the student who does not even know how to play. Time will be spent learning the game and playing matches. Bring a chess set if you have one to use.

Computer Graphics

Using publishing or presentation software, students will combine technical skills with Christian messages to create posters, birthday cards, get-well cards, sympathy cards, slide shows, congratulations cards, and support cards for staff, faculty, and students as needs occur. Students will also learn terms related to images and be encouraged to use and edit digital photography. Photoshop elements, Printshop, and PowerPoint can be used.

Computer Guts

Students explore computers by disconnecting, opening, cleaning, taking out memory, optical drives. Tips will be given to help solve problems. This is offered once every other year.

Digital Photography

Students will use digital cameras and graphics programs to take digital photographs. Composition, lighting, special effects will be discussed. Some pictures may be used for the yearbook. Christian messages will be encouraged. Class size is limited to the current number of school cameras, usually between 9-12. This is offered once a year in the fall.

Digital Photo editing

Students manipulate photos (usually taken in previous seminar) using photo editing software. Offered once a year Q2.

Drama Ministry

This seminar is designed to expose your child to skits, one-act plays, short excerpts related to the fine art of drama. Some portions may be performed at Chapels or other areas of ministry.

Euchre’ the Card Game

Do like to play cards? Yes, I do mean cards! This is a fast paced, fun card game. We learn how to play as well some strategies. Teach your family how to play and you have a great pass time for a long time.

First Aid

This seminar provides the children the opportunity to know what to do in an emergency situation. They will learn the basics of first aid in helping people with basic injuries. This seminar is a must for any child their age.

FISH (Forever In Service to Him)

This program option is designed to assist students in becoming more mission minded as they serve their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The program is a student driven service program (under the leadership of faculty members). Students will be asked to come up with ways to carry out the Mission of the congregation – to serve, to share, and to care.


This seminar option will be a designed, organized physical activity under the leadership of a faculty member, not free playtime or recess. Students who choose this option must be prepared to cooperatively participate in activities that will help them to become more physically fit. Some of the activities include – walking, jumping rope, team sports, jogging, etc. Weather permitting; most of these will be outside activities. Meets several times per week throughout the year.


This seminar covers the basic concepts of gamemaking, using Gamemaker. Sprites, objects, rooms, and debugging are concepts covered.

Geography Help – 7th Grade only

This option is designed to improve and help the 7th graders in their geography skills. This coincides with their Social Studies program, so that if the student needs additional tutoring, map help, or test preparation it is available. This option may become a requirement for some students later in the year.

Godly Money

This seminar covers the Biblical perspective on money, including topics like savings, debt, giving, and Godly character. Computers will used to look up Bible verses and to create an allowance /job budget.


This seminar uses greenscreen software to create pictures and movies. The concept of chromakeys is introduced.

Math Enrichment for all 6th Graders

This option is especially designed for students looking for extra help developing their Math skills. Although time will be spent on homeworkhelp, there also may be some work on Mathematics basics. This option may become a requirement for some students later in the year.

Math Enrichment for all 7th Grade Math and Pre-Algebra Students

This option is especially designed for students looking for extra help developing their Math skills. Although time will be spent on homework help, there also may be some work on Mathematics basics. This option will become a requirement for some students later in the year.

Math Enrichment for 8th Grade Algebra

This option is designed for Algebra students to obtain extra help in improving their skills. This time will be spent on homework help, test help, tutoring individual needs, and any other area of need. This option may become a requirement for some students later in the year.

Movie Critics

Move over, Ebert and Roper! In this seminar we will view and critically analyze movies. This is offered for all 6-8th graders.

Movie Producers

Create original movies using MovieMaker, iMovie, or Greenscreen. Students will plan, write, direct, and film a short “movie” using a digital video camera. These short films may be used for other school opportunities, so they must be in good taste and reflect Christian creativity and character.

Music Software

This seminar meets in the computer lab and uses software to create music. Programs will be rotated among students. Examples of software include Superdooper Music Looper and Finale’ Print Music/Notepad. Students are expected to produce playable music and demonstrate their compositions to the seminar.

OnLine School Newsl

Using Memberconnect, students will write news stories on school topics, take pictures, host discussions on the password secure St. Paul Memberconnect site. Limited to 12 spots. Students do not need to commit to every quarter.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is an option that will help students develop a relationship with children in the younger grades. Students will assist the younger children in reading, math, or any area that the early childhood teachers need help.

Scraps and Things

Students will make projects such as paper bag booklets, flip card picture albums, and pages for scrapbooks. As a group we will decide on the project and continue for as many weeks as needed. Some supplies may need to be brought from home.


Scribes will present a variety of opportunities, contests, and competitions for the developing and inspiring writing talent. If you enjoyed “Power of the Pen” in years past you surely will enjoy this. There will be a 6th grade session and a 7-8th grade session.

Stop Action Photography

Students create humorous animations using digital cameras and taking many images to create a movie.

Teacher/Office Help

We will be working with/for teachers and/or the school office to help with various tasks that could include copying, laminating, cutting, simple grading, typing etc.

Teen Technology Help

Students learn how to work common technology tools around the school, including Smartboards, projectors, printers, computer troubleshooting tips, church microphones, soundboard. This is offered once every two years.


Students learn how to play the ukulele, using popular as well as Christian songs. Students are offered an opportunity to perform at school.

Web Page Creation (HTML)

Students will learn basic web page terminology, and creation of web pages using office applications and HTML. Students will learn to understand the creation and managing of graphics files. Prerequisite: Students must be able to independently use Word, copying, pasting, file naming, and locating and saving files. This option is open to all 7-8th grade students.


Students create the school’s color yearbook using the computer. This seminar will be held in the 2nd and 3rd Quarters only. There will be 2 spots for grade 6, 4 for grade 7, and 6 for grade 8.. Students will need to commit to both quarters that this seminar is offered. Students must feel comfortable using computer applications and be able to locate files. Students who participated actively will be invited back the next year.

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