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A Brand New Day

In May 2018, we debuted a new logo for the church and school.

The logo grew out of the Redemption window dedicated into the sanctuary in 1974.  You may feel as though there’s a familiarity about it, but make no mistake – it is ours originally and completely.  It also follows extensive research and discussion with church members, school staff and the community.  We also unveiled the new tagline – Christ-Centered. Compassionate. Cutting-Edge, which succinctly sums up who we are as a community.

We will continue to use the phrase, Reach, Teach, Care, consistent with our vision, particularly with reference to the church and our efforts to market and brand our identity.

You may also notice the slight change in name.  We’ve gone from St. Paul Lutheran Church and School to the shorter, crisper St. Paul Westlake.  We are not abandoning our Lutheran tradition in shortening our name – far from it.  In this, our 160th anniversary year, we have no intention of doing so.  Our beliefs have not changed.  Nor has our longstanding tradition as a congregation and School of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  Read on to learn the story behind this brand new day and the inherent symbolism within our new logo.  It’s a contemporary take on who we are and what we offer.  Bear in mind that we are consciously and intentionally marketing our school to the entire Northeast Ohio community – all the better to widen our collective reach and expand our enrollment.

The story of our redemption (a word that means “buy back”) is told from top to bottom around four quadrants that placed as they are form a cross in the middle.  When the story of redemption is told, it is the cross of Jesus Christ that is foundational.  The colors of green and blue are representative of the first person of the Trinity…the FATHER, who created the heavens and the earth.  Water (blue) covered the earth and then came forth the land (green) and all LIVING things.  The middle of the Redemption window is ALL ABOUT JESUS. The “Lamb of God” who poured out his blood to purchase our redemption and the red pomegranate bursting its seeds represents his Easter victory over sin, death and the power of the devil.  The color red is pre-dominate.  And then Christ sent His Spirit upon the church and the color gold fills the upper third of the window representing the flames of faith given to us to BE THE CHURCH.

The story of our redemption…the mystery of the Holy Trinity…and the story of Holy Scripture from Creation to the eternal blessed condition of heaven is told through green and blue and red and gold…all surrounding the cross.

It is through Christ’s redemption that we now see ourselves as a new creation.  Through this logo representation of the Redemption window from our sanctuary, we also view our fallen world and the need for Christ.

Pray that our Redeemer would lead us in loving others as He has loved us.  Pray for boldness as we reach out to our surrounding communities, teach all ages the truth of Christ’s love, and as we renew our care for all people.  To God be the glory!


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