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St. Paul Welcomes Rev. Dr. David Buegler

Dear St Paul Lutheran School family,

This past week your School Board engaged me to serve as the Interim Principal for the rest of this academic year.  I will sign this letter as Rev. Dr. David Buegler, however to many involved at St Paul School I am known as Pastor Buegler.   For those of you who know me, you can skip the next paragraph.

For those of you who don’t know me, let me share some of my background.  A long time ago I served as pastor of a church in Jackson, Michigan where I taught Mr. Dale Lehrke when he was in junior high.  In 1980, I transferred to the largest Lutheran church at that time in Ohio.   It was in Napoleon, Ohio where both of my daughters went to that Lutheran School.  In 1988 I became the President of all the Lutheran (LC-MS) churches and schools in Ohio.  And after 3 elected terms I joined the staff here in Westlake as pastor.  In 2003 I became the Superintendent of our two Lutheran High Schools in Cleveland and then I was elected to serve our National Lutheran church body as one of 5 Vice Presidents.   My wonderful wife (for 50 years) Susan and I live in Avon.   We have 6 grandchildren, (3 of them students here).  For 47 years while serving in these various capacities I HAVE NEVER BEEN SEPARATED FROM LUTHERAN SCHOOLS.

I love Lutheran schools and I especially love our own right here at St Paul.   As a result, I was honored to be asked to serve as Interim Principal.   I am already working full time making a smooth transition with Mr. Lehrke and the wonderful faculty.   I am already blessed with a healthy relationship with the School Board and the Church Council.  Your relationship with the school should be seamless in the transition.   My email address for my work with the school is simple for you to remember:   principal@stpaulwestlake.org

I looked at the school directory of families this week and there are so many of our wonderful students and you parents that I have not met.   I’m going to try to do so.  Please meet me half-way.  Introduce yourself to me.   I am so honored that you have enrolled your child with us.  I look forward to working with you on re-enrollment and financial aid discussions.  It’s a wonderful time to finish 2017-18 with a strong push for excellence …..but it’s also not too early to get ready for 2018-19.

Our school leadership has called a new Principal and hired a new Director of Enrollment and Marketing. For more information on our new Principal click here.

Thank you for reading this letter of introduction and being patient during these very exciting times in the history of St Paul Lutheran School.   Pray for us all.   

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Dr. David Buegler  

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